Online bank details 'for sale'


The government has been criticised yet again after more than 100 websites were found to be selling the personal details of UK bank customers.

An investigation by The Times claimed that it could download the information for 32 UK customers, with one vendor allegedly willing to sell 30,000 British credit card numbers for just £1 each.

In response, the Information Commissioner has said an investigation will be launched into what was described as active accounts, according to a spokesman for the commissioner.

One analyst believes that the government must work now to enforce tougher security regulations that would prevent such incidents.

"We strongly believe that the government should introduce more stringent data breach laws and prosecute any organisation which takes such a laissez faire approach to protecting customer data," stated Brian Spector, general manager at information security company Workshare.

Meanwhile the spokesman for the commissioner stated that the investigation would initially look at what security breach, if any, had taken place.