Engineering Distributed Software: a Structural Discipline

Advanced Programming Specialist Group event

Thursday 9th March 2006, 6.00 pm

BCS, Davidson Building, 5 Southampton Street, London WC2. (Southampton Street runs north from The Strand to the Covent Garden Piazza; nearest rail stations - Charing Cross, and Covent Garden).

Professor Jeff Kramer, Head of the Distributed Software Engineering Section in the Department of Computing at Imperial College.

The role of structure in specifying, designing, analysing, constructing and evolving software is a central theme of our research in Distributed Software Engineering. Separation of structural concerns has its origins in the seminal 1975 paper by deRemer and Kron which made the distinction between programming-in-the-large and programming-in-the-small and advocated the need for a separate module interconnection language.

The structural view, we advocate, puts structure at the heart of the current work in software architecture. The structural discipline dictates formalisms and techniques that are compositional, components that are context independent and systems that can be constructed and evolved incrementally.

This talk overviews our experience with, and gives indications of our future work in, using structure to engineer distributed software. We emphasise the role of software tools and prototype systems in doing Software Engineering research.

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