CICS: Why is it still alive?

Advanced Programming Specialist Group event

Thursday 6th April 2006, 6.00 pm

The Davidson Building, 5 Southampton Street, London WC2 7HA. The nearest underground stations are Charing Cross and Covent Garden.

Dr Geoff Sharman, Visting Professor in Computer Science, Birkbeck College.

In the popular imagination, a computer is a gadget carried in a shoulder bag which occasionally needs to communicate with other computers via e-mail or to access a magical and invisible realm known as "The Internet" which enables shopping and numerous other activities, in addition to its role as a source of information.

Few are aware of the vast network of server systems which supports these activities - as well as more traditional retail activities and "new breed" sensor-based activities - which may truly be thought of as a "fifth utility" directly comparable with, and equally as essential to modern life as, those that supply water, gas, electricity and telephone services. Fewer still are aware of the scale and reliability required of systems which service millions of customers and thousands of transactions per second.

CICS has traditionally served a large share of the worldwide market for these server-based applications and has continued to prosper by making adaptions to meet new requirements, whilst enhancing the value of customer's past application investments. This talk will illustrate some of the features in the latest version, known as CICS Transaction Server V3.1, including support for HTTP, XML, Web Services, Java, and C++, and will discuss some contemporary applications of CICS.

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