Redesign of UML Class Diagrams: a Formal Approach

Advanced Programming Specialist Group event

Thursday 11th November 2004, 6.00 pm

The Davidson Building, 5 Southampton Street, London, WC2 7HA. The nearest underground is Covent Garden.

Dr Piotr Kosiuczenko, Department of Computer Science, University of Leicester.

Change is a constant factor in software engineering due to a number of factors including changed or new client requirements, pattern application and so on. The notion of refinement with its monotonicity assumption can be barely used here.

In this talk we will present a formal concept of, what we call, interpretation function. Such functions can be used for redesign of object-oriented specifications, automatic transformation and tracing of OCL constraints. This concept allows us to compare different class structures even where contradicting constraints exist.

A mappings defined on a few model elements can be automatically lifted to interpretation functions. Interestingly, such functions preserve entailment relations in different kinds of deduction systems. We will demonstrate the applicability of our approach in a series of examples including refactoring patterns, constraint tracing and UML State Charts.

Free, but please e-mail your name to our Vice-Chairman, Dr Frank Martin, at

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Half unit

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