AGM followed by Jackson Problem Frames and Software Composition Concerns

Advanced Programming Specialist Group event

Thursday 12th May 2005, 6.00 pm

BCS, Davidson Building, 5 Southampton Street, London WC2. (Southampton Street runs north from The Strand to the Covent Garden Piazza; nearest rail stations - Charing Cross, and Covent Garden).

Robin Laney, The Open University.


The AGM Treasurer's Report and election of officers for 2005-6 will precede the talk.

Jackson Problem Frames (PF) are a technique for decomposing problems, proposed by Michael Jackson, inventor of JSP and JSD. They emphasis that problems are concerned with properties and behaviour in the problem domain, and that the role of a computer is as a means rather than an end. In particular, the PF approach clarifies the relationship between requirements and machine specifications.

In this talk I will give an introduction to Problem Frames. I will then suggest a broad approach to system development based on problem decomposition and solution (re)composition. This will draw on my work on Composition Frames, an early attempt to situate software composition in the context of requirements composition.

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