Concurrency in Programming Languages

Advanced Programming Specialist Group event

Thursday 6 December 2001, 6.00pm

Sun Microsystems City office, Regis House, 45 King William Street, LONDON EC4R 9AN. The nearest underground stations are Bank, Cannon Street and Monument.

Chair: Brian Wichmann, NPL
Speaker on Java: Brian Shearing, Consultant
Speaker on Ada: Brian Dobbing

Software is all about managing complexity. Small systems can usually be produced that are reliable and efficient. Since we think in a serial manner, concurrent systems are inherently difficult to design correctly. Yet the IT world today consists of millions of computers working
in parallel and interacting continually.

Java and Ada have both experienced problems with concurrency. Two experts will address this area and show how the difficulties arose and how they have been overcome.

Admission is free, but it is essential to e-mail your name before the meeting to Dr Frank Martin, the Vice-Chairman.

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Half unit