Previous London lectures

Details of previous London Sociotechnical lectures.


Dr Roy Woodhead and Dr Kamaran Fathulla
Westminster Business School, London 13th Year!
Willy Coupar
Westminster Business School, London Employee Relations in the twenty-first century - Will it be Employee Engagement or a role for TUs?
Professor Frank Land and Professor Andy Phippen
Westminster Business School, London Cybercrime event
Andrew Woolfson
Westminster Business School, London The business application of social media and knowledge management


Ian McNairn
Westminster Business School, London Social Software inside the Enterprise - does it have a role?


Peter Duschinsky
Westminster Business School, London The Change Equation
Mario Menti, Judith Lewis and Guy Stephens
Westminster Business School, London Twitter for Business
Colin Beveridge
Westminster Business School, London Fighting the Trillion Dollar Bonfire - joined-up management for a joined-up world™
Paul O'Nolan
Westminster Business School, London Knowledge Management Stories
Dr Sue Black
Westminster Business School, London Tomorrow's Women, Tomorrow's World
Tom Gilb Westminster Business School, London Failure of an IT project to deliver value on time to stakeholders


Professor Roger James Westminster Business School, London Customer service - a defect in a technical society
University of Westminster, London Social aspects of Health Informatics
Dr Nadia Papamichail Manchester Business School Best practice in decision making
Prof Leela Damodaran and Dr Wendy Olphert Loughborough University Informing Digital Futures: Strategies for Citizen Engagement
Professor Amar Stillman School of Business, New Jersey, USA Keeping Creativity & Innovation Going in Knowledge Organizations (PDF - 347 kb)
David Bray Emory University Knowledge Ecosystems: - Confronting Hyper-turbulent Environments (PDF - 674 kb)
David's working papers are available on SSRN: Paper 1 | Paper 2 | Paper 3
Gavin Butler   Risk Management and Continuity Planning
Professor George Rzevski and Anastasios  Smeros University of Westminster Complexity and Multi-Agent Technology (PDF - 192 kb)
Dr John P Carney Industrial and Academic Coordinator DSTL/MOD Confessions of a Knowledge Manager
Dr Gordon Hunter The University of Lethbridge, Canada Qualitative Research Methods: Fieldwork Experience


Dr Alex Ramirez  Carleton University, Ottawa IS Success or failure: the domains of human concern (PDF - 80 kb)
Gavin Butler University of Westminster The Role of Profiling in Computer Forensic Investigations
Dr Gus Hosein LSE Fellow We fought the law and the law won: the policy fight over the UK Identity Cards Act
Dr Derek Meyer   Mips, Gips and Metaclinicians: The longer-term effect of Healthcare (PDF - 269 kb)
Professor Ken Eason Bayswater Institute IT in the NHS - National or Local Design? (PDF - 2.2 Mb)
Dr Misha Hebel Dogwhistle Ltd & Cass
Business School
Light bulbs and Change - systems thinking for new ventures (PDF - 314 kb)
Dr Robert Mellor Kingston University Diversity Innovation in the context of SMEs involved in B2C eCommerce (PDF - 140 kb)


David Jacobs Senior Business Analyst and Director Business and Technology Alone Do Not a Result Make!
Jenny Ure Senior Research Fellow
Edinburgh University
Designing Enterprise Systems: leveraging knowledge in a distributed pattern-building community
Prof Brian Lehaney Coventry University
Towards a knowledge management implementation framework
Prof Chris Clegg Sheffield University "E-business prospects: Findings from an expert panel"


Tony Cornford LSE Implementation issues (PDF - 148 kb)
Prof Leela Damordaran Director of HUSAT
Loughborough University
Sociotechnical thinking: views from the firing line (PDF - 44 kb)
Prof Duska Rosenberg Royal Holloway
Where do mobile knowledge workers work? (PDF - 40 kb)
Prof Steve Clarke Luton University
The Hidden Difficulties Inherent in Mixed Social and Technical Problems.
Paper (PDF - 544 kb) | Presentation (PDF - 40 kb)
Prof Robin Mansell LSE
E-Marketplace Services
Prof Sue Newell Royal Holloway Knowledge Creation in a Temporary ERP Project Team: The Unexpected Debilitating Impact of Social Capital
Paper (PDF - 240 kb)
Prof Chris Clegg Sheffield University Business on the Line
Nathalie Mitev LSE ANT or not? The social construction of an IS failure


Prof Chris Clegg Sheffield University e-Business: boom or gloom? No more bets (PDF - 100 kb)
Peter Jagodinski Portsmouth University Ethnographic studies of engineering design work systems (PDF - 20 kb)
Lisl Klein Bayswater Institute Unresolved dilemmas in the sociotechnical approach
Richard Holti Tavistock Institute
Redesigning the supply chain for providing the built environment
Brian Hopkins Anglia Polytechnic University "Human Problems": The Continuing Obstacle To Success In Information Systems Design? (PDF - 12 kb)
Prof David Targett Imperial College A Select Committee Inquiry into E-Commerce: a review of the socio-technical issues examined (PDF - 32 kb)
Chris Atkinson Brunel University The soft information systems and technologies methodology PDF - 323 kb)


Prof Enid Mumford Emeritus Professor Manchester  
John Nicholls
Independent Consultant On being a socio-techie - the contribution of DESIGN
Prof Frank Land Emeritus Professor LSE Evaluation in the context of  sociotechnical changes