Internet video 'forcing rethink' for developers


The growth and popularity of such video services as YouTube, TV on-demand and high definition content is putting pressure on carriers and ISPs to rethink their strategies, according to an equipment maker.

Allied Telesis, a network equipment maker, said that demand for video over the internet is putting a strain on networks and bandwidth capabilities and will force companies to find new ways to meet consumer wishes.

According to Rami Houbby, vice president of strategic partnerships at Allied Telesis, figures from Ellacoya show that ten per cent of global internet traffic is coming just from YouTube and this growth is set to grow even further.

Takayoshi Oshima, chairman and chief executive of Allied Telesis, said: "The popularity of YouTube illustrates the way that users' internet habits are changing. Video is more important than ever to the end user but represents a big problem for carriers and ISPs trying to maintain a resilient network while balancing reasonable access for all."