Effective IT Service Management

Addy, Rob

Publisher Springer
ISBN 978-3-540-73197-9
RRP $69.95
Reviewed by Mehmet Hurer MBCS CITP CEng AIISP
Score 9 out of 10

Effective IT Service Management Many years ago I reviewed an Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) book and it all seemed very theoretical and ambiguous. What the author of this new book has done is to present their own practical experience of IT service management (ITSM) using the ITIL® framework; by doing so the author has expanded on the theory by providing real world examples and clarifying the ambiguities that may exist in the ITIL® documentation.

The author provides a gentle introduction to ITIL® and ITSM by dedicating a significant portion of the book to its background and why it came about, its advantages and disadvantages, and providing a business context to help explain its purpose.

The chapters on the ITSM disciplines are very readable. Each discipline is presented in a very readable and consistent format, with clarification of definition, particularly where one is not provided or is ambiguous in ITIL® document, objectives of the discipline and common issues. This is reinforced with several examples. Questions are provided to help the implementer think about what is actually required within their own environment.

The book concludes with a discussion on where ITSM and ITIL® may evolve, or need to evolve, in the future.

The book is intended for a broad range of audiences, from computer science students, through to the IT service managers and business leaders.

On the down side the book has been based on ITIL® version 2, and with version 3 now released some may feel the book is a little out of date. However, it should certainly provide an invaluable foundation to build on, as well as providing a comprehensive reference for those involved in IT service delivery and management.

The nice thing about this book is it is not written as a reference book as such, but explains in business context why you would want to apply the ITIL® framework, what the IT service management disciplines are and what the implementer would need to consider within their own environment for a successful implementation.

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