EA chief: We killed Bullfrog


EA president John Riccitiello has admitted that he is to blame - at least in part - for the failure of studios such as Bullfrog, Origin and Westwood.

Speaking at the DICE event in Las Vegas, Mr Riccitiello conceded that EA's business model was to blame.

He suggests that EA's dictatorial managerial approach stifled creativity and ultimately led to stagnation.

"The command and conquer model, the command and direct model doesn't work... Bullfrog, Origin, Westwood - all no longer exist today because something broke, and I'll simply state that EA blew it, and to a certain degree, since I was involved, I blew it," Mr Riccitiello commented.

"They told me they were stifled by politics, bureaucracy, and a fact they felt they weren't heard."

One of the main complaints of the studios was that new projects were being overlooked in favour of profitable sequels.

However, Mr Riccitiello has now stressed that a new structure is in place that enables EA subsidiaries to operate independently.