ManHunt 2 ban lifted by BBFC


The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) has lifted the ban on ManHunt 2 and the game will be available for release later this year in the UK with an 18 certificate rating.

Last June, the BBFC objected to the "bleakness and callousness of tone" of the game and then rejected a revised version of the game in October.

A Private Members Bill proposing more government handling of the BBFC is to be reviewed however.

Conservative MP for Canterbury and Whitstable, Julian Brazier, who introduced the bill, said in his blog: "It would give a Parliamentary committee the power to review and veto key appointments and the guidelines the BBFC works to."

Developer and head of Frontier Games, David Braben, said self-certification would potentially solve the problem.

"The law is a very blunt weapon. The real problem is that games are quite complicated and are a non-linear media, and are therefore much harder to rate," he explained.