Public embraces open source


Ubuntu has told the BBC that the public perception of open source software is changing.

A new version of the Ubuntu operating system, a version of Linux OS, is set to be released on Thursday (April 24th).

Open source is a relatively new method of making technologies such as enterprise software available to consumers for free.

Mark Shuttleworth, who leads the distribution of Ubuntu OS, told the BBC: 'We have seen a real shift in the last six months, from folks seeing open source as either a super-specialist thing for people who run data centres or as an enthusiast thing, to something which is energising a lot of the straight commercial PC industry.'

Mr Shuttleworth said that the public was turning to open source to improve their computing experiences.

A research report due out by Standish Group is believed to claim that the open source industry is costing vendors $60 billion (just over £30 billion) in lost revenue.