IT Law: An ISEB Foundation

Jon Fell (editor), John Antell, Jonathan Exell, Vivian Picton, Adrian Roberts-Walsh

Publisher BCS
ISBN 978-1-902505-80-0
RRP £24.95
Reviewed by Uma Kanagaratnam MBCS
Score 8 out of 10

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IT Law: An ISEB Foundation book cover The significant changes in information technology over the years have inevitably brought the need for IT professionals and managers to understand legal concepts and issues within IT. This book addresses topics such as contract law, privacy, evidence, intellectual property, employment and security. The topics are covered to a reasonable level of detail.

The collection of topics addressed give an overview of legal concepts and terminology commonly used. Although the Computer Misuse Act 1990 is not covered in as much depth as the Data Protection Act under the privacy chapter, it is also addressed in the accessibility and information security chapter. The validity of the different types of electronic signature is discussed in the evidence chapter. As concerns intellectual property the author discusses patents, licensing and intellectual property rights on the

The book is a rich source of information as extensive use of internet links and references to legislations, cases and books makes it easy to find additional reading. The authors however only discuss legal issues within England and Wales.

Although the sections are clear and concise, this is not a book which is light and easy to read, as it deals with aspects of law in IT, as well as some general aspects of law particularly in relation to employment, and can be very boring. However, I believe the authors have met their objectives, as it is a book that provides an overview of some of the key legal issues faced by IT professionals today.

In summary, this book is suitable for IT professionals and managers seeking to understand legal issues and pitfalls within the IT sector.

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May 2008