Winners of the 2001 Awards

This year's winners were chosen from the seven medallists who were selected from a total of 63 nominations.

The EXODUS suite of software represents a computer based laboratory for evaluating emergency and non-emergency movement and behaviour of people in aircraft, buildings and ships. EXODUS simulates people-people, people-fire and people-structure interactions. It tracks the path of each individual as they make their way out of the enclosure, or are overcome by fire hazards such as heat, smoke and toxic gases. EXODUS allows a cost effective way to achieving safer and more functional designs, allowing designers and regulators to seek answers to questions that cannot be addressed using conventional approaches. EXODUS enables difficult planning issues to be assessed in order to find the ideal design solution.

Thameslink 2000 - Virtual Railway
Currently there is great public awareness of the need to build safer and more efficient railways to satisfy customer and stakeholder demands and expectations of transport infrastructure. The "Virtual Railway" is a totally new approach, integrating the data and the engineering disciplines required to build safe efficient railways, using the latest 3D Database-Modelling and Visualisation technology. This approach yields significant improvement in the standards of safety and drive-ability, by allowing a "virtual railway" to be designed and analysed prior to any construction.