Winners of the 2002 Awards

The 2002 winners were chosen from the nine medallists who were selected from a total of 68 nominations.

Kar2ouche (Immersive Education)
Kar2ouche is a highly creative and interactive multimedia authoring tool. It enables pupils to explore a wide range of creative activities from simple picture-making, storyboarding, interactive role-play and publishing to more complex tasks such as directing, animating and movie-making. Subject areas covered include English, Modern Foreign Languages, PSHE/Citizenship, History and Science. Each Content library contains a wide selection of relevant 3D characters, backgrounds and props with supporting text and audio. A number of web-based introductory activities and additional hard-copy lesson plans are also included that can be used or adapted by teachers to suit their own teaching styles and individual student needs.

Preventing Digital Leakage (SealedMedia)
PCs (and personal productivity based on creating and sharing digital information) and the internet have resulted in major opportunities but also a major problem - Digital Leakage - the unauthorised distributing of a company's confidential digital information, either accidentally or intentionally. The purpose of SealedMedia's document sealing product was to create a solution for this problem. Current corporate security products such as VPN, PKI, server-side access controls and firewalls do surprisingly little to protect against digital leakage since they protect the corporate network rather than the confidential documents themselves.

ISABEL ( The Isabel Medical Charity)
ISABEL is a free of charge online clinical decision support system that is available to all registered health professionals, providing critical support in areas such as diagnosis, treatment guidelines and shared experience. ISABEL, which currently concentrates on paediatrics, also offers an annotated image library, allowing users to compare their patients' visible symptoms with those available on the site, and consequently assist them in making a potentially life-saving diagnosis.