Medallists of the 2002 Awards

This years medallists were as follows:

ICU-Talk (Department of Applied Computing, Univ. of Dundee)
ICU-Talk is a major multidisciplinary research project which has developed and evaluated a computer based communication aid for patients in Intensive Care Units (ICU). Most ICU patients are temporarily unable to speak due to intubation which provides respiratory support. For these patients trying to gain someone's attention or communicating even a simple message can be both time consuming and exhausting. The ICU-Talk system has been specifically designed with the needs of the ICU patient in mind and is both easy learn and to use. Patients have demonstrated that they can use ICU-Talk to communicate with nurses, doctors and relatives.

GT-X7 (Graham Technology PLC)
Graham Technology designed and built GT-X with some key facts in mind. We recognise that the modern business requires a common platform for business processes to be rapidly developed, modified, and deployed across multiple channels. These business processes also need to be fully integrated with an organisation's back-end and legacy business systems. GT-X addresses these issues by providing a flexible, multi-channel, development framework, specifically designed to enable the deployment and modification of complex business processes, and to provide a total integrated solution for any organisation.

Domesday Explorer: the computerisation of Domesday Book (The University of Hull)
In May 2001, a world-first for the University of Hull was achieved with the launch at the Public Record Office of a computerised version of Domesday Book. The Domesday Explorer CD-Rom seamlessly combines high-resolution images of the entire manuscript of Domesday Book, a complete translation of the million-word text, a number of databases, mapping facilities, and 500,000 codes, the latter designed to aid searching and optimise retrieval. The program allows any element of the text of Domesday Book to be retrieved instantaneously then displayed as text, image, table, or map, or any combination of these four data views.

Kar2ouche (Immersive Education) - WINNER
Kar2ouche is a highly creative and interactive multimedia authoring tool. It enables pupils to explore a wide range of creative activities from simple picture-making, storyboarding, interactive role-play and publishing to more complex tasks such as directing, animating and movie-making. Subject areas covered include English, Modern Foreign Languages, PSHE/Citizenship, History and Science. Each Content library contains a wide selection of relevant 3D characters, backgrounds and props with supporting text and audio. A number of web-based introductory activities and additional hard-copy lesson plans are also included that can be used or adapted by teachers to suit their own teaching styles and individual student needs.

VoiceRunner(tm) and VoiceSwitch(tm) (Fluency Voice Technology)
Fluency Voice Technology, a leading provider of speech recognition applications for call centres, has developed two new innovative products that enable the implementation of speech recognition solutions while addressing key software re-use and integration issues. VoiceRunner(tm) is a Java-based application platform that supports the development and configuration of effective speech recognition components and applications. Using industry standard protocols such as VoiceXML, VoiceRunner(tm) reduces development time and cost, whilst increasing flexibility. VoiceSwitch(tm) is a programmable call routing device that enables call centre operators to introduce next generation speech recognition solutions without complex legacy integration. Specifically, VoiceSwitch(tm) removes the need to upgrade existing Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) systems.

WebSphere MQ Event Broker (IBM)
IBM has recently introduced an innovative product into the Messaging Middleware marketplace. WebSphere MQ Event Broker (WMQEB) is a "Message Broker", which acts as an intermediary between applications on a variety of computer systems and so-called "Pervasive" devices. Pervasive devices include hand-held PDAs, and remote embedded devices providing unattended remote monitoring of sensors. WMQEB acts as a message switching hub between a number of messaging protocols, and has a "one-to-many" publish/subscribe capability. The specially-designed "MQ Telemetry Integration" protocol is optimised for low network bandwidth and ease of implementation on small embedded devices.

Preventon Desktop Security (Preventon Technologies)
Preventon is designed to effectively manage PC programs, ensuring that only properly authorized software is used within businesses. Preventon also protects desktops from the activities of rogue applications sometimes uploaded unwittingly by users via email. Preventon enables users to carefully define which programs can be run on individual PCs and in some cases at which times in the day. Website: Preventon Technologies

Preventing Digital Leakage (SealedMedia) - WINNER
PCs (and personal productivity based on creating and sharing digital information) and the internet have resulted in major opportunities but also a major problem. Digital Leakage, the unauthorised distributing of a company's confidential digital information, either accidentally or intentionally. The purpose of SealedMedia's document sealing product was to create a solution for this problem. Current corporate security products such as VPN, PKI, server-side access controls and firewalls do surprisingly little to protect against digital leakage since they protect the corporate network rather than the confidential documents themselves.

ISABEL (The Isabel Medical Charity) - WINNER
ISABEL is a free of charge online clinical decision support system that is available to all registered health professionals, providing critical support in areas such as diagnosis, treatment guidelines and shared experience. ISABEL, which currently concentrates on paediatrics, also offers an annotated image library, allowing users to compare their patients' visible symptoms with those available on the site, and consequently assist them in making a potentially life-saving diagnosis.