Microsoft issues caution


Microsoft has warned Windows users not to use the Apple Safari browser software.

A vulnerability in its security utilities has meant that users who visit a 'booby-trapped' site could be left downloading and executing malware and malicious files without receiving a prior warning, Channel Register reports.

The threat is thought to be a result of the default download location of Safari as well as the way Windows handles executable files.

Microsoft has advised users to restrict their use of the function until it or Apple identifies 'an appropriate update'.

The online resource reports that the warning comes one week after researcher Nitesh Dhanjani discovered that Safari was not seeking user permission before beginning to download some files.

'Safari obediently does what it's told to do, including downloading a file hundreds of times,' the resource states.

Apple has said they do not see the carpet-bombing security glitch as a 'significant threat' and that it may get fixed although it could take a while for that to happen 'if ever' it does.