Advertising self regulation debate


Debates are taking place in Europe this week over the self regulation of online advertising.

The PPA, the association of UK magazines and publishers, has commented that advertising codes should cover all forms of internet adverts in order to avoid introducing 'unnecessary' legislation.

Speaking about the UK Code of Advertising Practice (CAP) the PPA's director of legal and public affairs Kerry Neilson said that it was becoming 'increasingly apparent' that the independent Advertising Standards Authority in charge of enforcing it may not be the best body to investigate some complaints.

For example, those concentrating on the search results and sponsored links that are not covered by the code.

Now the government and non-governmental organisations in the UK and Brussels are discussing how advertising self-regulation applies to online media.

Ms Neilson has called on the advertising industry to address whether it wants to be regulated by legislation or whether it would be more effective to extend self-regulatory codes.

Although self-regulation shows the industry can police itself, it requires sign-up rules that involve obligations that occasionally go further than the law therefore meaning it is 'not the easy option', she added.