Medallists of the Business Achievement Awards 2005

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Commercial & Industrial
Financial & Related Services
Public Sector, Not for Profit & Charitable Organisations
Small Organisations

Commercial & Industrial

OnlineQSC - Implementation of C:Toolkit (McDonald's Restaurants Limited)
Mobilising the workforce through the use of Handheld devices. The implementation of 200 Pocket PCs, loaded with assessment information and a 500-question form concerning product quality, customer service and cleanliness. Instead of having to write down information and manually transfer it to central systems, staff can enter all the details they need directly into the handheld devices. The information is then automatically uploaded to a central database. Assessment data is uploaded using GPRS or WiFI connections, and automatically synchronised with central databases when there is network coverage. The mobile assessment system includes a security management tool to protect sensitive data.

Sales Advisor Mobilisation (SAM) (Hillarys Blinds Limited)
The Hillarys Sales Advisor Mobilisation (SAM) project is unique and exciting. In one solution it automates the processes involved in taking orders and payments in customers' homes whilst increasing the efficiency and reducing the costs for the self-employed advisors. During a successful pilot scheme the device proved to be so popular amongst advisors that roll out to the rest of the sales force is currently being fast tracked. SAM has been made possible by the highly effective partnership of client, suppliers and users. It promises to improve the customer's buying experience, increase loyalty, improve service, reduce costs and increase sales.

Clothing RFID (Marks & Spencer plc)
Product availability is a key issue for customers at Marks & Spencer. M&S are trialling Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) within its supply chain as the next generation barcode. The technology is being used responsibly to give a better service to customers. During 2004/5 an item level RFID trial on men's suits was conducted across nine stores with technology provided by Intellident Ltd. The tags are passive and do not emit a signal - they release their unique identification number when a Marks & Spencer scanner is passed near them during regular stock counts.

Customer Enabled BA Programme ( British Airways plc)
British Airways has created a standards-based architecture for developing, integrating, securing and managing its distributed Java-based eCommerce system. Today, BEA WebLogic Server acts as a co-ordination point for multiple back-end systems, business logic servers and the Web channel presentation layer. These include the Amadeus global airline reservation system, the products and fare types offered by British Airways, multiple customer databases (including the Executive Club) and the kiosk/desk-based check-in systems. There are also multiple other real-time data feeds, including fares and availability, content management systems and session data. In addition to this, the self service check-in kiosks at the airports have been enhanced and the underlying ticketing infrastructure has been moved to e-ticket to facilitate these changes to take place.

Financial & Related Services

Direct Line/Churchill Systems Integration (The Royal Bank of Scotland)
The objective of the project was to integrate the computer systems supporting Direct Line, Churchill and associated brands delivering motor, home and other general insurance products. This involved enhancing the Direct Line systems including a totally new infrastructure, and migrating to these systems all Churchill policy and claims data and function. At peak 700 IT personnel were working closely with a wide range of business partners, and the project completed in a fantastic 15 months.

Network Banking II - Chip & PIN Programme (Post Office™ Ltd)
The Post Office has recently successfully implemented the biggest Chip and PIN programme in Europe, rolling out Chip and PIN card authentication to over 14,500 Post Office branches totalling some 34,000 counter positions.

Adviser E-Enablement (Prudential)
The project is a fundamental element of Prudential's overall strategy for growth and profit in the UK market. Building strong and close relationships with financial advisers is more important than ever, and technology solutions at the heart of the joint business operating model are essential for such partnerships to flourish. This project underpins the strategy by automating the most common transactions between Prudential and advisers and doing so in a highly flexible and efficient way. Alongside this it enables Prudential to react quickly to support new partnerships at minimal cost, and to develop new services at hugely reduced cost.

Securities ReEngineering (sPEAR) (Deutsche Bank)
The Securities Processing Platform Re-engineering project was launched to correct the problems with regard to low straight-through-processing (STP) rates, poor control, high operational costs and the low quality of service that had been provided to Deutsche Bank's (DB) Equities business. The impact of event-driven, exception-based technology has effected radical improvements within the OBI-IT team's partners and business users in Operations. It has allowed Operations to revamp traditional business processes, as the organization migrated from next day problem resolution to real-time root cause analysis. This revolutionary change has been accomplished by automating complex parallel settlement life-cycles, requiring only exception-based manual intervention.

Public Sector, Not for Profit & Charitable Organisations

Rail Settlement Plan (National Reservations Service)
The National Reservations Service system provides a reliable reservation enquiry and booking service for rail customers to buy and reserve seats at discounted prices controlled by the Train Operators (TOCs) according to the demand on each service. It therefore also allows the TOCs to realise greater yield from each of their trains and hence greater profitability from better occupancy of each departure. The service also provides new and more comprehensive facilities for catering for disabled and other passengers requiring assistance in completing their journeys.

IT Infrastructure Upgrade (Barnardo's)
The overall objective of the programme of work was to create the opportunity to reduce organisational costs. Thereby enabling the organization to increase it's work with children and young people. This reduction was achieved by removing file servers, implementing a centrally managed infrastructure and re-educating all users in a new product set, resulting in a saving of £1.2million per annum. Barnardo's is marking the centenary of the death of Dr Thomas Barnardo by celebrating the difference the charity continues to make to the lives of hundreds of thousands of children in the UK.

eProcurement Scotl@nd (Scottish Executive)
The Scottish Executive's eProcurement Scotland service is enabling the entire Scottish public sector to win the cost savings and efficiencies of eProcurement. The project, to design and implement the service, was arguably the world's most ambitious ever undertaken in the eProcurement field, its scope being nothing less than the public sector of an entire nation. The service makes it easy for suppliers, from multinationals to local SMEs, to work with the public sector. More importantly, it is making Scotland a better place to do business, promoting investment, employment and economic activity.

Forester GIS - Planning, Sustainability and 3D (The Forestry Commission)
Government commitments at Rio and Kyoto signal ministerial backing for sustainable management of the UK environment. To meet this objective the Forestry Commission produces forest management plans. Existing manual methods for creating and appraising these plans were time-consuming, expensive and had limited temporal and visual interpretation. They also did not allow for a holistic evaluation of options. As there was no effective way of measuring or analysing sustainability, we had no means of assessing how effective our policies were and if they should be changed. The conclusion was reached that there was a need to extend the Forester GIS system to assess the implications of forest management plans on the sustainability of our future woodlands.

The Microsoft Business Achievement Award - Small Organisations

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Outsourced IT Management Solutions (ramsac limited)
ramsac's Outsourced IT Management Service has been developed to enable small and medium businesses to benefit from the skills and expertise of the kind of IT Department normally associated with large corporate organizations. The portfolio of services provides customers with IT experience ranging from remote support, network management and specialist skills, management of in-house IT staff and board level strategic direction. The proactive approach enables customers to develop a stable IT infrastructure that enhances the growth of their business, prevents network downtime and allows business owners to concentrate on developing their company, without the hindrance of an underperforming IT backbone.

Business Process Automation ( Ltd)
"Automate all business processes involved in b2b and b2c interactions so as to increase turnover, customer satisfaction, employee productivity and in the process enhance ROE". Mothersbliss considers itself to be an ideal model of business process automation. We are a client centric organization which has taken up the mantra of leveraging IT to automate all our business processes. The projects' objective was to provide scalable business software solution to achieve superior customer service, minimize fixed costs & optimise working capital. The successful implementation of the project has enabled us to successfully develop our award winning hybrid JIT business model.

Operations Management System (Northern Gas Heating & Impact Applications)
The NGH Operations Management System is a field sales and service management platform which delivers full life cycle management from enquiry to sale, installation to ongoing product servicing. Integrated with our website, it also receives and processes online customer orders for our insurance-based servicing products. An innovative mobile interface allows sales consultants to generate quotations in customers' homes through a GPRS/3G-enabled laptop, using live price lists and pushing orders through to the back office in real-time. As a 'zero client' solution, it is quick and easy to deploy, and cost effective to maintain and upgrade.

EMIS Access (The Kakoty Practice)
EMIS Access is a unique system that enables patients to book or cancel appointments, send secure messages and update their contact details online, 24 hours a day. The system links directly in to an individual EMIS surgery's appointments systems, so appointments are updated in real time. The service has proved particularly popular with busy commuters, the elderly and people with disabilities. It's quick and easy to use, and is particularly useful when the practice is closed or telephone lines are busy. For GP practices, it has reduced administration time and freed up telephone lines for patients without internet access.