Medallists of the Individual Excellence Awards 2005

BCS is proud to announce the medallists for the Individual Awards categories of its IT Professional Awards:

Young IT Practitioner of the Year Award

Verity Wiscarson (IBM UK Ltd)
As a Field Technical Sales Specialist in IBM's Systems and Technology Group, Verity's key skills are solution design and configuration, customer presentations and training, solutions assurance, technical assistance with written proposals and evaluation support. Her expertise is in Intel servers and blades which she uses to solve large, complex problems in mission critical environments.

Graham S. Marwick (IBM UK Ltd)
Graham's current role is Service Delivery Manager for 2 large SAP support projects run from the IBM Manchester Delivery Centre accountable for: all contract deliverables and management of the scope of the contracts, on time, on cost, within SLA delivery for each project; retention, growth and profitability of projects; achieving high levels of customer satisfaction and reference permission; and ensuring quality delivery by compliance with CMMI to maturity level 5.

Steven Henderson (The Royal Bank of Scotland Group)
Steven's role as a Senior Technical Analyst involves the design, implementation and support of Telecomms infrastructure groups. This includes the conversion of requirements from customer base and service partners into operable and supportable solutions. He provides the definition of solutions in partnership with the other Telecomms designers and strategy teams within RBSG. In addition he provides technical troubleshooting and recovery actions to restore service.

Andrew McAnulla (BTL Group Ltd)
Andrew's role as a Senior Developer is to lead the Systems Development team, design and implement new systems and provide solutions to Project Managers whenever technical difficulties occur. Much of his technical expertise is based around .NET related technologies such as Web Services, VB.NET, C# and ASP.NET. He is heavily involved in every part of the development lifecycle, from design to deployment.

IT Trainer of the Year Award
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Darren Burford (QA plc)
Darren is a widely respected expert in the area of web development, particularly with ASP and ASP.NET, and is rapidly establishing a reputation as an accomplished and recognised conference speaker. He has spoken at many professional forums and VBUG events. He is constantly reviewing and improving his technical knowledge and teaching skill. This is reflected in his commitment to not only improving the course materials, but also the processes that are used to generate them.

Andrew Driver (Parity Training)
Andrew teaches three weeks of every month, mainly week-long technical courses on a wide range of Microsoft technologies. The subjects covered include operating systems management, network and security management and design, and user support. Specific products include Windows XP/2003, SharePoint Portal Server 2003, ISA Server and Security. He has also trained over 50 partners on behalf of Microsoft itself.

Andy Wright (Sysop Ltd)
This year Andy has trained over 250 IT staff in the basic practices of good service management. This programme was developed and delivered to one specific client, the objective being to align ITIL®® best practice with the customer's working practices. Further to this, more than 100 staff were trained in the Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management and approximately 50 IT managers for the Manager qualification in IT Service Management.

Richard Malam (Centrica)
Richard's training focuses on end user Microsoft Office, SAP, SAP Business Warehouse, executive mobility and mobile working (laptops, PDA's, mobile phones, tablet PC's and associated programmes such as One Note), electronic data quality management, and On Demand ELearning creation. He has trained over 3500 people in the last year both internally and for clients.

IT Consultant of the Year Award

Sally Meecham (Broadband East Sussex - East Sussex County Council)
Sally supports measures for economic and structural regeneration in East Sussex, specifically the development of broadband to stimulate small businesses. The key challenges were: to improve take-up in key locations particularly for the small and medium sized enterprises and home worker; to provide free broadband access in areas that do not otherwise have it; and to promote new ways of working using broadband by stimulating new services, particularly in business.

Ian Lever (NCC Group)
Ian's work this year was with the formation of an 'ALMO' (arms' length management organisation) as a separate limited company to London Borough of Hounslow housing solutions. He helped to develop a strategy which would support the business aspirations of the new organisation. Consultation was also undertaken with customer representative groups which assisted the development of 'a day in the life' of a typical council tenant.

John Webb (Xantus Consulting)
Xantus were commissioned by Boots to assume overall responsibility for the new communications network project, with clear objectives to deliver a new service capable of supporting other store programmes. The network provides connectivity to over 1500 locations. John's role as a trusted advisor is to ensure the best commercial deal is achieved and to assume overall project management responsibility - managing all parties delivering the network.

Diane Boardman (Anite Public Sector Ltd)
Diane works to support PITO (Police Information Technology Organisation), working closely with its partners to provide information technology and communication systems to the police service and criminal justice organisations in the UK - the police corporate data model (CorDM). Her role also includes getting best value for the police service on the goods and services they buy. This is done through the setting up of collective procurement arrangements.

Capgemini IT Director of the Year Award - More than 250 Employees
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Adam Burstow (Telereal)
Adam is responsible for driving the business strategy - much of which depends on IT development. This would include: investing in the customer; looking after a complex financial model for over 8,000 assets; improving the business processes, systems and reporting; and improving communication through a new corporate portal. Building shareholder confidence through reporting accuracy using IT, and IT risk management are two key issues for his year.

Angela A. Clements (West Dunbartonshire Council)
Angela leads the Modernising Government Agenda which incorporates Customer First, Electronic Service Delivery. The strategies include developments such as the ability to use 24/7 automated payment facilities and to accept debit/credit card payments. This will initially be to pay council tax and rent but can be expanded to allow payments for other services such as birth certificates, weddings, libraries, district court fines and council fees.

Ailsa Beaton (Metropolitan Police Service)
As Director of Information Ailsa was instrumental in the delivery of three Central Command and Control buildings. This was part of a wider ICT-supported business change programme, to integrate several communications technologies and transform the process of managing emergency and non-emergency calls from the public. She also ensured MPS compliance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and supervised the modernisation of many MPS services.

IT Director of the Year Award - 249 or Fewer Employees
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Lee Hendricks (Anite Public Sector Ltd)
Lee's company is a consultancy supporting local government. The portfolio includes complete solutions for Revenues & Benefits, Housing, Transport, Social Care, and Public Safety & Law Enforcement. They add to this the essential capabilities provided by Customer Relationship Management systems, Document Management & Workflow, Financials, e-commerce and intranet and internet portal technologies, which are adapted to the needs of modern government and help them re-shape their businesses.

Jay Bregman (eCourier)
Jay is Director of Technology in a company whose mission is to re-invent the same day courier industry in the UK through an infusion of technology and a commitment to customer service. In particular, he has developed two key IT systems which have changed the way couriers operate: an intelligent despatch system (code-named "AIBA"); and a dynamic website. A month on month average growth rate in excess of 80%, suggests his innovations are working.

Sean O'Regan (ActiveIS Ltd)
Under Sean's direction ActiveIS have developed a high reputation in web site creation having created sites for Whatcar? Magazine (winner of UK's best consumer website), Autocar Magazine and Cosmic Cupid (Time Europe website of the month). For Haymarket they produced a single motoring database (Winner of Assoc of Online Publishers Award for 5 websites and 3 magazines). Also for Serano they have produced technology for Psoriasis treatment and for Hitachi an RFID chip which replaces bar codes.

Sean Lee (IT Micronet)
Sean's primary objective over the last twelve months has been to expand the client base and the volume of projects undertaken with the intention of increasing the size of the company within the UK. Another key business objective was to expand the company into the United States. A new training centre in Florida will provide a valuable facility for all IT Micronet employees to continue their IT training and also cut the current spend on IT training in the UK.

The PMR Project Manager of the Year Award
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Beverley Dunn (Post Office™ Ltd)
Beverley's role as programme manager sits within a skill group of project related specialists in the IT unit. Her key drivers are to reduce costs, and to replace lost revenue as a result of the loss of benefits payments, by introducing new banking and financial products and services. She is responsible for all aspects of delivery including the technical, process and business change elements from initiation through to implementation into the post offices network.

Philip Brandom (The Royal Bank of Scotland Group)
Philip is a project manager within the area of Group Technology (GT), which is part of the Manufacturing division. Group Technology, along with the other sectors within Manufacturing, is a central function supporting the business divisions within the bank. His responsibilty is to define and deliver technology solutions, ensuring they meet the timeframe, budget and benefit targets for the business.

Mei Clark (The Royal Bank of Scotland Group)
Mei works in the Group Technology area of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group with responsibility for managing a wide range of IT projects to deliver on time, to cost and to a high level of quality. A requirement for RBSG, is to comply with the Basel 2 Accord, which is being implemented on an international scale. Her current role is to ensure that all data required for calculating the capital holding required by the RBSG is identified, extracted and collated into a single Group Risk data warehouse.

Stephen Wharrad (Barclays Bank plc)
Steve's role is as Technical Programme Manager, looking after a portfolio of projects. He is accountable for the build, test and delivery of the infrastructure and software needed to support any business initiative. This includes decisions on the use of partners to help with the business development, the options around off shoring, as well as working effectively with software vendors.

The JPMorgan Business Analyst of the Year Award
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Paul Osborne (The Royal Bank of Scotland Group)
Paul's work includes: analysis of business requirements for Concerns & Queries User Admin system; analysis of the data fields and production of validation, error and warning messages for both Concerns & Queries and Concerns & Queries User Admin systems; undertaking reviews of Test Conditions and Test Scripts for both Component Integration and System Test phases; and the identification of issues concerning business requirements and system design.

Phil Swallow (The Royal Bank of Scotland Group)
Philip's objectives for the last 12 months were: carrying out a broad range of analysis across the whole project lifecycle for delivery of a new data processing engine; undertaking planning and estimating for new packages of work; providing technical and business-focused input, and reviewing of documentation to ensure accuracy and completeness; providing regular reporting of risk & issue management, planning, scheduling, preparing and delivering status updates to the Project Control Committee.

Terry Morland (The Royal Bank of Scotland Group)
Terry's key objectives this year included: be the lead Business Analyst representing Coutts on the GVP Mortgages Programme; be the lead Business Analyst within Coutts ITD on the Coutts Mortgage System Open VMS Operating System Upgrade project; be the lead Business Analyst within Coutts ITD on the PROIV Application Upgrade required on the Coutts Mortgage Manager System; and ensure all implementations are delivered to time and with no adverse impact to the business.

Neil Robinson (Barclays Bank plc)
Neil works in the Application Deployment and Infrastructure Renewal programme - a six year, £400m business transformation initiative, which is responsible for delivering: a modern delivery infrastructure to the 1700 site branch network; a new web based application platform serving branches, contact centres, and processing centres; and a new set of banking applications to replace the legacy estate allowing the legacy infrastructure to be decommissioned.

IT Developer of the Year Award - Applications
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Geoff Hopson (Anite Public Sector Ltd)

Stephen Richard (Prudential UK)
Stephen works with 'Core Messaging' - the application that provides a generic interface allowing XML request messages for specific services to be submitted both from external 'portal' sites and from the Prudential's adviser extranet. As well as creating proposal records, it interacts with an underwriting package to allow advisers or Prudential staff to interview the applicants and obtain an underwriting decision.

Bob Lojek (IBM UK Ltd)
Bob specialises in the complex world of integration projects. The key to his successful development and deployment, he feels, is the correct exploitation of the expressiveness provided by data about data - metadata. This approach has been successfully executed in a large IBM project at the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) - the 'Model Driven Integration Factory'.

David Carty (Wizdome Ltd)
David assessed the feasibility, designed and then produced a complete CRM solution that is located on a remote server and consists of a central database and a number of software components. The application is remotely accessed via a web browser. Using state of the art technologies and approaches it has been specifically designed to provide retail businesses, which employ between 1 and 500 staff members, with a rich and accessible environment for effectively managing their business processes.

IT Developer of the Year Award - Infrastructure
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Martin Spott (BT)
Martin has developed The Soft Computing Platform for Intelligent Data Analysis (SPIDA) - a software system that provides the infrastructure for the execution of state-of-the-art data analysis, machine learning and pattern recognition algorithms. It is the first system of its kind that uses advanced Artificial Intelligence technology to reduce the cost and effort required for a vital business activity - data analysis. SPIDA can be used as stand-alone tool or as the data analysis backbone of other applications or services.

Gary Wass (Abbey)
Gary's work this year has focused on a strategic review of how communications networks are sourced, developed & managed for the Bank. This has included: differentiating commodity IP infrastructure from provision of value-add IT & network services; replacing & maintaining, at best possible unit cost, a core IP-based end-to-end transport network; and most importantly an IP telephony system that will deliver 1.2 million public phone calls to the Bank and carry 750,000 internal phone calls each month, at significant cost saving.

Graham Palmer (IBM UK Ltd)
Graham works in the area of batch workload control. A new system, ATrD (Automated Tuning Reporting Decisions), allows systems to develop and evolve, whilst ensuring that the appropriate technical support person is alerted as soon as action is required. It is enabling professionals to transform their working practices to be more on-demand compatible, safe in the knowledge that they will be notified if the system requires their intervention.

Mehdi Quraishi (Cable & Wireless)
The development that Mehdi has undertaken in this period is called "Securing Gateway Services" and includes: creating a network architecture that allows customers to function as a virtual organisation with their partners; providing a single point of access in and out of the network; supporting the confidential transmission of data with authentication controls; and delivering a set of policy-orchestrated services that act as the "integrative glue" that bonds together the diverse set of networks and security technologies.

Marval IT Service Manager of the Year Award
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Andy Castle (IXEurope)
Over the last 12 months Andy has been focused on developing operations and services to increase the revenue generating capacity to win more business from both new and existing customers. This has involved the deployment of over a dozen significant network, hardware and software upgrade projects as well as new technologies, solutions and services internally to increase productivity and/or reduce infrastructure costs.

Peter Norton (Sopra Newell & Budge)
Peter works exclusively on the McDonalds account. His work included: ensuring staff were fully trained on Prince 2 and understood major legislative changes such as Sarbanes-Oxley; developing and implementing a new testing strategy; working with McDonald's to improve its Supply Chain model; implementing payroll changes; conducting Oracle and Business Intelligence health checks and making recommendations on how to optimise them.

Tony Palmer (Yell Ltd)
YELL provide service directories. Tony's tasks were: to maintain constant services (99.95% achieved); manage the infrastructure budget to within a variance of 0.5%; support the IS wide objective to deliver 99% of projects to agreed time quality and budget; and to benchmark the Yell processes against industry best practice. BS15000 certification and FAST gold standard were both achieved this year.

Margaret Esler (East Staffordshire Borough Council)
Margaret was tasked with improving service to the Borough population of 103,000 (centred on Burton on Trent). She achieved this in many ways including: refining of the 24/7 Helpdesk; the introduction of failure logs; refining of all documentation for processes; ensuring that hardware, software and interface infrastructure is well documented and up to date; and the development of a DR and BC solution.