Medallists of the Technology Awards 2005

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Telelogic DOORS XT (Telelogic)

Telelogic DOORS XT, as a successor to the previous successful product DOORS, makes resource management (RM) accessible from anywhere and everywhere. By making requirements more accessible to a distributed workforce, DOORS transforms geographically dispersed workers into an integrated team who can follow a single set of requirements. The provision of traceability throughout the process facilitates an organization to encourage greater participation in requirements management best practice and increases collaboration.

ProfileSkim (The Robert Gordon University and Lemur Consulting)
ProfileSkim provides an information retrieval system for data within long electronic documents efficiently and effectively. A user can search within a PDF document using any set of search words. Users are provided with an immediate map-like view of the document, showing all relevant sections at a glance (as per their search words). Users can click on the map-like view to visit relevant pages of the document. This provides a valuable navigation tool that is simple and accurate.

Vulcan (Vulcan Solutions Ltd)
The effect of fire on concrete and steel structures is of major importance. It is a complex, multivariable problem and requires detailed mathematical models. Vulcan has developed these models and its results have been validated against full-scaled tests of both isolated building components and steel-framed composite buildings. A fully interactive 3D graphical pre and post-processor allows quick creation of building models. Complex structural fire analysis can now be undertaken in the design office.

MooD Transformation Toolset (The Salamander Organization)
At an application level, Mood Transformation Toolset enables organizations to improve their performance and competitiveness by providing modelling and analysis tools for all aspects of the enterprise including strategy, processes, and organization. At the toolkit level it provides a high level data repository that allows information to be linked stored and presented in a highly flexible and graphical way. It is well suited to managing data in complex system projects in terms of requirements, dependencies, inputs, outputs, costs, schedules and benefits.


Sales Advisor Mobilisation (SAM) (Hillarys Blinds Ltd)
Sales Advisor Mobilisation project automates the processes involved in taking orders and payments in customers' homes whilst increasing the efficiency and reducing costs for the self-employed advisors. It provides a highly effective partnership of client, supplier and user helping to improve the customer's buying experience, increase loyalty, improve service, reduce costs and increase sales. Currently a market leader in this field.

Content Producer 3 (BTL Group Ltd)
This provides a multimedia development tool to meet the need for a powerful, flexible test and learning content development tool. The tool brings together a variety of disparate concepts and ideas providing an excellent service in the creation of data banks for learning that are integrated into a clear assessment framework. The system is being used by many major government examination organizations.

Implementation of a Service Oriented Architecture (Standard Life)
Service Oriented Architecture has been developed to allow Standard Life to respond to challenges of new business channels and the rapid changes within the financial services industry. Flexible design allows new applications or requirements to be implemented without disturbing other applications. Significant cost savings have been achieved through the provision of the ability to deliver a multi-channel capability that supports a range of business and technology channels with a sizable and growing portfolio of reusable services.

British Gas - Hestia (Centrica plc)
Hestia delivers mobile technology to engineers' vans enabling effective, dynamic management of appointment priorities, resource location and skill requirements across 5,000 engineers and 30,000 customer visits each day. The mobile technology incorporates a mobile phone, GPS, summary job details and customer information all in one unit. The scheduling, that provides true exception management, ensures the best engineer is allocated to the job, and minimizes travel time for engineers.


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Objective Measurement of Video Quality (BT)

Traditionally measuring video quality has been by subjective tests. Whilst broadcast compression algorithms are well established, this project has found a way to automate the perception quality of compressed video transmissions and allow the bandwidth of a transmission to be altered to maintain a specified level of received quality. The objective video quality methods offer industry the capability to perform a range of functions that include pre-launch performance testing, codec evaluation, in-service monitoring, negotiating and policing service level agreements and video quality diagnosis.

Developing SatManage (Parallel)
SatManage provide the technology to manage satellite networks and provide a clear view of network performance to the same standard as for terrestrial networks. Rules based algorithms are used to explain the causes of, and predict the likely recurrence of, situations that affect the network. The system has an excellent HCI that display the transitory nature of situations that affect satellite communications. This HCI enables easy visual correlation of problems, for example, the effect of eclipses of the sun on the network.

iCSat - Intelligent Customer Satisfaction Analysis Tool (BT)
Traditionally, methods of customer surveys such as questionnaires followed by a lengthy process of analysis are used to assess customer satisfaction. iCSat is a platform for intelligent customer satisfaction modelling. It automatically analyses the dependencies between all the variables in a survey and learns a probabilistic model of customer satisfaction based on a Bayesian method. This model can then be used to dynamically plan and test changes in selected customer satisfaction indicators and to understand the influence of those changes on other indicators, hence leading to improved customer satisfaction.

National Reservations Service (Rail Settlement Plan)
The National Reservations Service provides a reliable reservation enquiry and booking service for rail customers to buy and reserve seats at discounted prices controlled by the Train Operators according to demand on each service. This provision is comparable to that used in airlines. NRS allows Train Operators to realise greater yield from each of their trains to improve profitability through increased occupancy. It includes new and comprehensive facilities for catering for disabled and other passengers requiring assistance during journeys.

'Spike' - Integrated Number Plate Capture System (PIPS Technology Ltd)
An important aspect of traffic management is the need to have rapid reading and analysis of vehicle number plates. This project utilises both visible and infra-red cameras and incorporates novel techniques to suppress bright sunlight and headlamp glare. It can capture and store over 30,000 vehicle registration numbers and compare them with given numbers. The system has maintenance-free operation, low manufacturing and running costs and does not need fixed line connections.

The Ramesys Technology Award for Social Contribution

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National Business Information System (Hicom Business Solutions)

National Business Information System is a new approach to a perceived increase in both crime and anti-social behaviour. It is designed to link town, city and shopping centre Business Crime Reduction Partnerships enabling the way in which partnership crime related information is held, managed and used. The system enables the sharing of information in real-time with a view to identifying persistent and travelling offenders at local, regional and national levels.

Instant Energy ( LogicaCMG (supported by Iskraemeco))
This system is designed to enhance customer experience whilst greatly improving operational efficiency. 'Intelligent' meters enable a supplier to control and gather information from the meter when required. It allows customers to add credit to their pre-payment meter without using a credit device, thereby removing the need to leave their home. By replacing existing pre-payment metering technology this will lead to reductions in costs, improved customer experience and reduced fraud. The developers are undisputed leaders in this field.

Social Services ICT Modernisation Project (Nottinghamshire County Council)
This project meets government targets in provision of electronic social care records and is based on keeping and cross referencing all data to anyone who has been referred to Social Services. A new IP based infrastructure links all sites around Nottinghamshire, new standard desktop software and equipment for over 3,000 users. It provides the ability to use and share information with many other agencies.