Cruise control networking in US


American consumers are increasingly turning to social networks to share their woes over the continuing economic downturn, it has been reported.

Nielsen Online has conducted a study to map the trends of worries voiced by US citizens while they are chatting online.

As in Britain, the economy on the other side of the Atlantic has been hit by rising fuel costs and the increasing price of food which has led some of the population to log on and share their saving tips with others.

The top conversation referring to petrol and driving was found to be the need for alternative fuels at 20 per cent, a webinar by Nielsen earlier today (June 26th) revealed.

Following this were discussions on the benefits of using a scooter or bike versus more conventional methods of commuting (19 per cent), condensing trips and cutting down on driving (16 per cent), comparing US motoring conditions to those in Europe (14 per cent) and trouble with selling a vehicle or getting a poor trade-in value (14 per cent).

Networkers also included their tips for saving on petrol, which included ensuring tyres were properly inflated, using automatic gear changing and coasting where possible.