Travel between worlds achieved


While NASA have been working on getting man on to another world, Linden Lab and IBM have successfully achieved something similar but simpler – moving an avatar from one virtual world to another.

The avatar was transported from Second Life to an OpenSim virtual world owned by IBM, and Linden Labs claim this is the first time the transportation between worlds has been achieved.

A blog on Linden Labs site called it 'an important first step'.

It was achieved due to research by the companies on Open Grid Protocol which allows virtual worlds to operate 'independently, yet interoperate to form a cohesive experience'.

Applications of the process could be useful for businesses in the real world as IBM has actually had private areas of Second Life created for them to conduct meetings in.

The ability to transport between virtual worlds could open up these possibilities.

While Second Life's business potential is being realised, a report by Gartner has said that social networking sites are an untapped resource for businesses.

Gartner believes that the technology holds a large amount of potential for helping the management of large companies.