Family fun day

BCSWomen Group event.

Date: Saturday 2 August
Time: 10.30 - 17.00
Venue: Oxford

The beauty of Oxford still shone despite a damp start at the BCS Family Day. By lunch the majestic grounds and picture postcard architecture were bathed in sun. Jaw-droppingly beautiful on sight alone once the guide had added the real life stories surrounding the stone the real love of learning came to life and the city's charm became inspiringly "awesome".

Our group was given unprecedented access to internal areas within Lincoln College, thanks to Karen (Chair of the BCS Women's Network), very modestly, at 30, already a Fellow and the Head of Computer Sciences. Karen's privileges gave us spectacular access to private areas, notably Senior Common rooms, including a half million pound refurbishment for the Brideshead Revisited remake. We also were allowed access to the Bodleian Library gallery were two scenes of the Harry Potter movies were shot. In fact almost every view in Oxford is a photographer or movie makers dream appealing to those who might failed to have been stunned otherwise.

Those who didn't bring their children lost a golden opportunity to tempt young minds with the wonders of the search for knowledge and the blessings that academic excellence and hard work can bring (and indeed the doors that can be opened). I'm truly grateful to the BCS Women's Network for arranging the exclusive access and permitting us to see a very personal, private but nonetheless elite view of this mighty university town. The hosts were truly inspirational due to their genuine, down to earth approach to their immense achievements.

Thank you very much for a great day.

Isobel Middleton