Initiative tracking female IT staff


A new online initiative which aims to promote women in IT throughout the world has been launched.

Called Doing IT Around the World, the scheme followed 36 women during one day in every continent on the planet - including Antarctica - from when the sun first rose in the east to when it set in the west.

A declining number of women are taking up technology as a career, and the initiative's aim is change that trend, reports Computerworld.

The job roles of the women range from chief technology officers to those working in molecular biology and one of the aims was to take women from a broader definition of IT, founder Sonja Bernhardt told the website.

'We don't just mean traditional information technology, we mean innovation technologies, bio-informatics, science technology and also people that are into new media like blogs and digital video,' she said.

'We've extended IT to mean anybody that uses technology as an underlying infrastructure in an innovative way.'

By using Web 2.0, social networking tools and VoIP technologies, Ms Bernhardt has been able to find and communicate with the women without incurring huge travel costs.