The internet's workplace future


As today's young, internet-savvy people get older, the uses of the web in the work place will expand, according to the Internet Services Providers' Association (ISPA).

A spokesperson from the group explained that their familiarity with using the net and its tools can be 'mapped into the working environment', which will boost the technology's role in the workplace.

This could mean that the office of the near future is very different to that of today's, he explained.

'The technological advances seem to be coming thick and fast. I don't think we have plateaued in terms of technological development in the workplace,' he said.

He then pointed out that today's older people are also becoming more used to the web and using it in their daily lives.

"From an ISP point of view, we consider [this] to be a good thing," he concluded.

This was backed up by a statement this month from the co-founder and editor of the Social Media Portal.

Rachel Hawkes claimed that many older people were beginning to use social networking sites.