7-a-side Football Competition 2008

BCS Belfast Branch event

5 and 12 June 2008, 6.00pm

QUB Playing Fields, Dub Lane, Upper Malone, Belfast

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Sgt Pepper's Chilli Army from Asidua were this year's winners, beating Liberty FC in a very close final.

Lit Ladies from Liberty IT were the female competition winners with BCC Ladies the runners-up.

Some of the teams:

Team from Liberty

Team from Asidua 

Another team 

Another team 



Thursday 12 June - Fixtures:

3 Female teams, 8 & 5 male teams - 4 pitches (P1,P2,P3,P4)

6:20 -P1- Panathi Kanos (vs.) Intelliden
6:20 -P2- Sgt Pepper's Chilli Army (vs.) The ANI Da's
6:20 -P3- HBOS Blue Sox (vs.) Grandpa's 8
6:20 -P4- The Big Trust (vs.) Liberty FC

6:40 -P1- BCC Ladies (vs.) Lit Ladies
6:40 -P2- TCS (vs.) if Carlsberg made 7-a-side
6:40 -P3- Borland Wanderers (vs.) Asidua FC
6:40 -P4-

7:00 -P1- Semi-Final-1
7:00 -P2- Semi-Final-2
7:00 -P3- Allstate Tanks (vs.) (RUNNER-UP) of Borland Wanderers v Asidua FC
7:00 -P4- winner-match-P2-6:40 (vs.) winner match P3-6:40

7:30 -P1- Lit Ladies (vs.) Asidua Ladies
7:30 -P2- Third-place-play-off
7:30 -P3- (RUNNER-UP) p2-6:40 (vs.) (RUNNER-UP) p3-7:00
7:30 -P4- winner-match-P3-7:00 (vs.) winner-match-P4-7:00

8:00 -P1- Final (male)
8:00 -P2- Asidua Ladies (vs.) BCC Ladies
8:00 -P3-
8:00 -P4-

Thursday 05 June - Fixtures:

32 male teams - 4 pitches (P1,P2,P3,P4)

6:20 -P1- FC Nitec (vs.) Team FX
6:20 -P2- Panathi Kainos (vs.) Allstate Tanks
6:20 -P3- Intelliden (vs.) Allstate Assassins
6:20 -P4- Fujitsu X (vs.) ANI Alation

6:40 -P1- Lagan Technologies (vs.) Sgt Pepper's Chilli Army
6:40 -P2- Borland Wanderers (vs.) Welly Booters "A"
6:40 -P3- ASG Caledonian Thistle (vs.) The ANI Da's
6:40 -P4- Inter Malone (vs.) Olympic Kainos

7:00 -P1- Acheson & Glover (vs.) American Dynamics Buccaneers
7:00 -P2- Welly Booters "B" (vs.) HBOS Blue Sox
7:00 -P3- Allstate City (vs.) Citi Citi Bang Bang
7:00 -P4- ALTA (vs.) Grandpa's 8

7:20 -P1- TCS (vs.) Fern FU
7:20 -P2- Asidua FC (vs.) The Big Trust
7:20 -P3- Liberty FC (vs.) If Carlsberg made 7-a-side Teams
7:20 -P4- CEM (vs.) AC Deloitte

7:40 -P1- 2nd Round (match 1) -- (620p12)
7:40 -P2- 2nd Round (match 2) -- (620p34)
7:40 -P3- 2nd Round (match 3) -- (640p12)
7:40 -P4- 2nd Round (match 4) -- (640p34)

8:00 -P1- 2nd Round (match 5) -- (700p12)
8:00 -P2- 2nd Round (match 6) -- (700p34)
8:00 -P3- 2nd Round (match 7) -- (720p12)
8:00 -P4- 2nd Round (match 8) -- (720p34)