ISP trust falling


Customers' trust in their ISPs is steadily deteriorating, according to the findings presented in a new report.

ISPreview has conducted a study which has found that 44 per cent of Brits quizzed have less trust in their online provider than a year ago.

Poor performance was cited by 39 per cent of this group as the reason for their feelings.

Only 25 per cent of respondents claimed to have a very high level of trust in their ISP.

Commenting on the findings, ISPreview suggested that ISPs need to up their game in order to convince customers not to switch to a different company.

The internet news provider said: 'Customers with a high degree of distrust are obviously far more likely to look elsewhere for an alternative.

'Trust is all about reliability and predictability; it's important for ISPs to make sure that the service they provide doesn't fall too far short of expectations and avoids making unexpected negative changes to existing packages.'