CV Masterclass

A joint FREE event for Women Engineering Society Members and BCS Women.

Date: Thursday 9 April 2009 & Saturday 11 April 2009
Duration: 90 minutes
Venue: Essex (venue to be confirmed)

Go on, fish out your CV. Does it need rewriting? Does it need updating? Does it need more impact? Or... Haven't got one?!

In today's fiercely competitive market, a CV that jumps off the page could boost your chances of securing that all important job. Your CV is your personal advertisement - it must have bags of impact to get the attention of potential employers and get you on the interview list. Whatever your motivation for looking for your next job, don't leave your CV to chance - complacency can cost!

This CV masterclass will provide in-depth and practical guidance on how to write your own CV. It will cut through the plethora of confusing information that is available on CV writing and give you exactly the information you need. Most importantly, it will enable you to create a powerful CV that gets you noticed - for all the right reasons!

What's Covered?

  • What makes a good CV?
  • How should it be presented? Getting the format right - different styles and types of CV
  • The nitty gritty of producing a powerful CV. What should I include? What can be left out? What order should it go in? How long should it be?
  • How to sell your skills and experience without going OTT
  • Common pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • CV top tips

This event is organised by Betty McCarthy and led by Vanissa Amliwala, Director of Career SOS Limited

Who Should Attend?
Whether you're searching for a new position, climbing the career ladder, returning to work after redundancy or a career break or looking for a new direction. This CV masterclass will take you stage by stage on a journey with the ultimate destination of creating a powerful CV with real impact!

The event is FREE. To book a place contact: Betty McCarthy. Email