Green IT needs public sector support


The development of green IT is dependent on the support of the public sector, an online environmental publication has claimed.

According to, the Greening ICT strategy was widely praised as many thought the targets were well thought out.

The government insists that the targets can be met and it is vital that the public sector does so to set an example to private industry.

James Murray, editor at, said: 'The public sector does have a key role - it's the biggest purchaser of IT equipment with its huge IT services agenda, and in a lot of technologies they are leading. If they take it seriously then others will follow.'

The comments follow the publication of the Path to Greener Government by the Global Action Plan and Cisco.

Findings from the study showed that 60 per cent of respondents were unaware of the Greening ICT Strategy.

A further 41 per cent did not know about it although it specifically covers their area of work.