Design-Build-Run: Applied Practices and Principles for Production-Ready Software Development

Dave Ingram

Publisher Wiley
ISBN 978-0-470-25763-0
RRP £33.99
Reviewed by Patrick Hill CEng MBCS CITP
Score 8 out of 10

Design-Build-Run There are many books and articles that discuss specific aspects of software development in terms of particular methodologies, design paradigms, programming languages, application types and so forth. Design-Build-Run is rather different.

As Ingram describes, while the provision of correct and working end-user functionality, is critical to the acceptance of a software system, there are a whole host of other considerations, activities and deliverables that are required in order to produce systems that are testable, deliverable, usable, reliable, supportable and maintainable. In short, systems that are 'production-ready'.

The book, which weighs in at over 600 pages, is divided into 25 chapters spread across five parts. The scope of the book as a whole is very broad. The author has something to say about all key aspects of the specification, design, development, deployment and support of software systems. The discussion is supported by the development of a simple case study.

The text is nicely written; it is informal, but clearly authoritative. While occasionally I felt that certain points were a bit laboured, on the whole it is an easy read. The book is well structured with lots of illustrations, check lists and tables. Each chapter is signposted and concludes with a useful summary.

Clearly, not all that is described is appropriate to every project or every development organisation. However, there is a wealth of material that can be taken from the book and applied in different environments. Indeed, for me the book's strength lies in the fact that it covers a lot of ground and while detail is necessarily lacking in certain areas, it gives the reader plenty of food for thought and pointers to areas of interest.

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July 2009