Students breaking things...

8 February 2006

Smiling keyboard key But don't worry it's only the record for BCS student membership – now 10,000 strong

BCS has seen a 25 per cent upsurge in student membership over the past 12 months.

Student members now account for one fifth of the total membership figure, with over 10,000 prospective IT professionals recognising the benefits and support offered during their studies and the advantages of professional recognition and chartered status offered upon progression into the industry.

The reasons for this growth in BCS student membership are easy to identify says BCS chief executive David Clarke:

"The UK IT profession is in need of newly qualified IT professionals who strive to meet the demands for new skills set by employers. It is clear that today’s students are recognising the advantages that BCS membership provides to them both during and after their studies. This in turn has created an enormous upsurge for the status and recognition that BCS membership affords." 

As a result of the 2004 membership restructuring, BCS has made the progression from student to full membership far more accessible to graduates entering the IT profession.

With many employers now looking upon BCS membership as a distinct advantage when seeking prospective employees, students who upgrade to full membership upon completion of their studies are arming themselves with the extra incentive that employers are seeking.

David Clarke is enthused by the latest membership figures.

"It is very encouraging to see young aspiring IT professionals making the decision to join BCS. The Society is clearly appealing to a younger audience more so than ever before. These young people are the future of the industry in the UK. Our support and their contribution in the coming years is fundamental to ensure the profession continues to grow and develop."

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