Lecture looks at making computers less visible

 15 February 2006

Human face lit in red Challenges for computer science and engineering arising from the pervasive nature of the computer will be the theme of the first ever Computer Journal Lecture on 23 February.

Robin Milner of the Computer Laboratory at the University of Cambridge will give a talk on ‘Ubiquitous Computing’, followed by short invited responses. The evening’s proceedings will be printed subsequently in the Computer Journal.

The vision of ubiquitous computing is that computing entities become an effective part of our environment, supporting our lives without our continual direction, so that we can be largely unaware of them.

Milner will cover how we can develop concepts and engineering principles that will properly support systems that are adaptable to changing requirements and cannot be taken offline for reconstruction.

Pre-booking for the event, which is to be held in BCS' London offices, is essential.

Further Computer Journal lectures will follow a similar format.

A second lecture has already been planned for 12 June on 'Prediction in Online Compression Models' with speakers Volodya Vovk and Alex Gammerman.

Computer Journal lecture details