The Trousers of Reality; Volume One: Working Life

Barry Evans


Code Green Publishing



RRP £18.99
Reviewed by

Adam Wilson, MBCS

Score 7 out of 10

The Trousers of Reality

The Trousers of Reality, Volume one: Working life contains an interesting introductory journey and a pseudo-subliminal learning experience. Barry Evans, through clever writing, primes your perception at the start of the book to make you more receptive. After a brief introduction to agile, lean, NLP, systems thinking and theory of constraints, he guides us while using these techniques through a number of examples designed to make you an effective manager, in life and of projects.

This book is not a technical or reference manual or a scientific paper. You will not learn how to apply the topics listed on the back cover, but rather you will learn to appreciate the strength of their approach. It is best read like a novel with a pen and paper by your side to take notes and scribble through the informal thought experiments that enter into your mind. 

There are some sections that don't follow naturally and you are left wondering what the relevance is, until he moves onto a new subject where you can piece it back together. Some of the references included as examples feel like pop-culture/science references; they do add value, but don't look too closely behind the curtain.

Working Life is volume one of a four volume series and is an introduction to a greater whole. This makes it feel expensive as you should be prepared to invest in the other volumes. Volume two aims to introduce what you can achieve with the principles covered in volume one. Volume three aims to be a more practical approach than volume two. Finally volume four promises to teach us what ‘the other game’ is and how to deal with sociopaths!

This is an ambitious book that makes large claims that I can't see any book achieving. The book is carefully crafted with woven themes throughout. This is one of those books where you will genuinely get out of it what you put in. If you want a fresh perspective on life, then this book will achieve that.

In another time or place, this book could be easy seen as subversive.

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September 2009