Networking Fundamentals - Wide, Local and Personal Area Communications

Kaveh Pahlavan and Prashant Krishnamurphy


Wiley and Sons



RRP £45.00 (paperback) / £90.00 (hardback)
Reviewed by Jolanta Mizera-Pietraszko
Score 10 out of 10

Networking Fundamentals

Networking Fundamentals addresses all the essential issues related to telecommunication. The material is widely supported with case studies, illustrations and tables. There are also a lot of formulas, examples and exercises with step-by-step solutions. Moreover, a companion website provides solution manuals together with some other resources for instructors.

The content of the book covers four parts. Chapter one introduces the reader to local and wide area networking in a general sense. Then, the authors move on to characteristics of the media, physical layer transmission as well as raising the issue of coding and access methodology.

Part two is devoted to the internet and cellular networks. In the next part, a reader finds a detailed study of IEEE 802.3 ethernet, as well as wireless local and personal area network standards.

Personally, I found the last part the most interesting since it deals with pragmatic network subjects like security or wireless geographical localisation and architecture of the network types.

Throughout the whole book the authors delineate physical network layers starting from the lowest and systematically moving on to the highest ones. At the end of the book there are appendixes that contain information about text, image and video coding, introduction to decibels and to signal transmission.

Two further appendixes explain the meaning of the most popular acronyms and of the variables used in the numerous formulas of the book.

All in all, I would wholeheartedly recommend the book to everyone, whether novices or expert, as it covers an incredible amount of knowledge on communication. The language is suitable for any reader and the presentation is excellent. Overall, it is very good value for money.

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September 2009