Identity Fraud

31 March 2009

Buffet at 6:30pm. Talk at 7:00pm.

Dr. Tom Berry, Senior Lecturer, Liverpool John Moores University


Dr. Tom Berry has been a Senior Lecturer in the School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences at Liverpool John Moores University for 9 years and specialises in Algorithm Engineering and Computer Forensics.

His talk this evening will be on Identity Fraud, an area he has become involved in over the past year and covers the following:

Identity Fraud is one of the fastest growing crimes in the UK. This is mainly down to a lack of knowledge from the general public on how to keep their personal data safe. It is estimated that ID theft costs the UK government £2 billion every year.

Criminals have been getting information on people from their rubbish, obituaries, stolen mail and stolen wallets and purses for years. With the growth of the internet the crime has also made the transition to the internet.

The internet has a lot of personal data about individuals freely available which could be used to steal their identity. Social networks represent a large database of potential victims unless the security on their accounts is increased.

Any storage media used on a computer must be safely disposed of as it could also contain potentially valuable information to criminals. Most hard drives are disposed of without being erased properly.