Digital Forensics in the Organisation

24 January 2008


Buffet at 6:00pm. Talk at 6:30pm.

Ground Floor Lecture Theater Peter Jost Centre, School of Computing and Mathematics, John Moore's University, Byrom Street, Liverpool. View a map of Liverpool JMU

John Haggerty (John Moores University)


Digital forensics is emerging as a topical area in computer science. It can be defined as the acquisition and analysis of computer-based and non-computer data to provide evidence of an event or events of interest.

In the past, digital forensics has been the preserve of law enforcement and national security agencies in the fight against crime and their protection of the public. However, more recently, digital forensics tools and techniques have been employed within commercial or public organisations for activities including investigations into contraventions of security policies, audits and legislation compliance.

This talk will present the field of digital forensics, and in particular, the way in which the tools and techniques can be applied to an organisation.

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