IPTV Technology - Its Design and Implementation

BCS Merseyside is proud to present this joint event with IET

25 October 2007


Buffet at 6:00pm. Talk at 6:30pm.

Ground Floor Lecture Theater Peter Jost Centre, School of Computing and Mathematics, John Moore's University, Byrom Street, Liverpool. View a map of Liverpool JMU

Christophe Gobel


This talk is about the use of IPTV technology to deliver pre-recorded and live content over the Internet via IET.tv. The talk will cover both the technical and commercial aspects and will feature real-time demonstrations using the IET.tv website.

The technical section will cover the technology involved, the implementation, hosting, bandwidth requirements and minimum PC specification to make best use of the service. The talk will also cover the various compatibility issues that have arisen and how they are addressed.

The commercial section will cover the initial concept of the site, it's success to date, comparisons with other offerings and plans for future development.

In particular the initiative to make this technology available to other applicable centres of learning will be outlined.

About the speaker:
Christophe Gobel is head of on-line communities and IET.tv at the Institution of Engineering and Technology. Christophe has worked in digital media for some 12 years and held positions with Walt Disney and other leading organisations where he successfully launched products and services across multiple digital platforms.