Geographical Information Systems

29 May 2005


Buffet at 5:30pm. Talk at 6:00pm.

Ground Floor Lecture Theatre, Peter Jost Centre, School of Computing and Mathematics, John Moore's University, Byrom Street, Liverpool. View a map of Liverpool JMU

Dr Michael Francis


GIS is a computer-based tool for mapping and analysing geographic objects and events. It combines the power of databases with the visualization of maps. GIS technology is used throughout the world to solve problems in areas such as environmental protection, health care, land use, business efficiency, education, social inequities and more.

GIS helps the police to patrol neighbourhoods, energy providers to supply continuous power, and health officials to combat disease. Most people are unaware that they benefit from GIS technology using automated teller machines, pulling maps off the Internet, receiving overnight deliveries or dining at fast food restaurants. This talk will focus on applications of GIS in a wide range of industries.

Dr. Michael Francis is a Senior Academic in the School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences at John Moores University with proven expertise in course development, academic management, consultancy and research.

His is proficient in leading development in graduate and postgraduate programmes and research in systems, geographical information systems and science on postgraduate and undergraduate dgree courses. He has both vocational and professional expertise of the creation of geographical information systems and a proven record of successful research supervision to Ph.D level. He has a Ph.D. in Geographical Information Systems.

Previously, Dr. Francis was Associate Professor in Information Systems at Zayed University, Dubai, a position he held for four academic years. In addition to management responsibilities on a number of undergraduate courses, Dr. Francis was an active member of a number of university senior management committees particularly related with university strategic planning and maintaining academic quality and standards in learning and assessment.

In addition to academic achievement, Dr. Francis recently established and is now the Director of the first Merseyside Regional Research Laboratory (MRRL) initiated and developed in partnership with the Intergraph Corporation, USA.