Annual General Meeting 2005 followed by a presentation on VoIP

19 May 2005

AGM at 6.00pm. Buffet at 6.30pm. Talk at 7.00pm.

Ground Floor Lecture Theatre, Peter Jost Centre, School of Computing and Mathematical, John Moore's University, Byrom Street, Liverpool. View a map of Liverpool JMU

Gordon Nicholas



BCS members only.

The names of nominees for Officers (i.e. Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer) and Committee Members must be lodged with the Secretary at least fourteen days before the AGM, along with the names of a proposer and a seconder. Refreshments will be avaliable after the AGM as well as prior to the debate.


  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes of the 2004 AGM
  3. Matters arising
  4. Chairman's Report
  5. Hon Treasurer's Report
  6. Election of Officers
  7. Election of Branch Committee
  8. Any other business

Voice over IP gateways

Most people are becoming aware of the term "VOIP" (Voice over IP) with regards to it's use in the reduction or total elimination of charges for talking to friends across the world.

This talk will unravel the mystique surrounding the technology and will in particular highlight it's use in Amateur Radio, particularly it's application in "gateway technology" that enables radiohams to speak to each other using the Internet as a backbone carrier. The talk will give insights into the technology and how it works along the various aspects of amateur radio and it's use in the community.

Our speaker, Gordon Nichols, has for many years been an enthusiastic “radioham” and has adopted present day technology and applied it to amateur radio. His talk will appeal to all people interested in the use of technology and it's various adaptations.