Regulating Cyberspace Regulating Cyber Stalking

16 March 2005


Buffet at 5.30pm. Talk at 6.30pm.

Ground Floor Lecture Theatre, Peter Jost Centre, School of Computing and Mathematics, John Moore's University, Byrom Street, Liverpool. View a map of Liverpool JMU

Richard Jones


"Right, you've got as far as finding yourself attracted to a guy on the net. But do you really know anything about him? He's said he's 39, divorced, has 2 kids, is tall, blond and enjoys driving fast cars and going to the theatre. How can you know for sure that he's not 46, married, 2 kids, 5'4", drives a Ford Fiesta and spends most of his time either in front of the PC or down the local watering hole with his mates? ASK! "Oh yeah," you may well think "he's likely to say "yes Sally, I've been lying to you all along". Of course he isn't. It's a matter of asking the right questions."

Through the example of cyber stalking the talk will consider the nature of regulation required in relation to such behavior in such a place. Drawing on literature that both analyses the nature of the activities and the space in which they occur and the effect of technology on culture the talk will argue that the foundation should be an investigation and an analysis of the community space over which the regulation is to apply. Such an analysis will offer workable approaches to the problem of regulation and enforcement.

Richard Jones is a Reader in Law and Information Technology and teaches on the Law of Information Technology and Intellectual Property. His research interests are in the law of ethnic minorities, technology and the law and law teaching and technology and has, for more than a decade, been a leading figure in Information Technology and the Law.