Mobile Computing

27 October 2004


Buffet at 6.00pm. Talk at 7.00pm.

Ground Floor Lecture Theatre Peter Jost Centre, School of Computing and Mathematics, John Moore's University, Byrom Street, Liverpool. View a map of Liverpool JMU

Dr Bob Askwith


Researchers have a habit of getting carried away by mobile computing that has resulted in over a decade of promises of computing applications embedded in our clothes, phones that help you stagger in the direction of the pub and homes where everything talks to everything else.

In reality a somewhat more sober vision has been delivered. This talk examines the path taken to deliver the mobile computing we see around us today before elaborating the problems that have impeded the broader vision. To close, promising recent results from the community are noted, including some from within our group.

Dr. Askwith is a member of the Distributed Multimedia Systems research group within the School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences, Liverpool John Moores University. He completed his PhD in 2000, at JMU, studying security and privacy in mobile networks.

Since then he has been working in the areas of network security and mobile computing, and has a number of research students in his supervision. His work has resulted in over 20 publications in these areas. In addition to researching Bob is a lecturer with the school; his teaching interests range across networking topics such as wireless and multimedia.

This event will appeal to anyone interested in the way computers / embedded computers will have an even greater role in our lives in the near future.