Writing legally and clearly for the Web

25 March 2004


Buffet at 5.30pm. Talk at 6.30pm.

Ground Floor Lecture Theatre, Peter Jost Centre, School of Computing and Mathematics, John Moore's University, Byrom Street, Liverpool. View a map of Liverpool JMU

Bill Douglas


We live in an increasingly litigious society. At the same time, society relies increasingly on the Internet. Put those two factors together and web authors may be the next big target of the lawyers. Legal precedents relevant to the Internet are still being set but a series of relevant Acts lay down the basic principles. This talk outlines what you should and shouldn't say on your web site in order to stay within the law.

Yet a legally compliant web site isn't everything. The most successful sites share one factor: clarity. With a light-hearted look at some classic mistakes, we can learn how writing in plain, grammatically-correct English can significantly increase your web site's credibility.

Bill Douglas runs one of the biggest web development teams in the NHS. His fifteen years of public sector IT management have seen him reluctantly accept the description: "a complete anorak when it comes to the best and worst of the Internet".