Social Media Marketing for Dummies

Shiv Singh







Reviewed by

Peter Daly CEng CITP


5 out of 10

Social Media Marketing For DummiesHaving never read a ‘for Dummies’ book before, I wanted to know whether the content would be a ‘How To’ with guided exercises or a reference work with useful tips and techniques.

Unfortunately, this book does neither. It’s more of a discussion of what social media marketing is and the advice to get a Facebook and Twitter account. Really, that’s all it seems to say.

Would the reader be able to mount a SIM campaign after reading this book? No. Would he have an understanding of how SIM can be used as an effective tool? Yes, since there are numerous examples of ‘corporations’ exploiting this new marketing technique to advance sales, improve customer satisfaction or loyalty.

And there is the issue with this book, it’s not really for small businesses; it constantly refers to your PR and marketing departments. That’s unfortunate since I would guess that the majority of the people who might read this book do not have those departments.

It’s probably at the right price point, but the content is repetitive. There are too many screenshots of corporate web pages (e.g. Ford’s facebook page) that really are just padding. It’s also not been revised for non-US locations; all the quoted figures and statistics (and there are a lot of them) are US values. Treat it as a source of background information and it’s OK, but don’t expect to be a practitioner.

Further information: Wiley

December 2009