Twitter Marketing for Dummies

Kyle Lacy







Reviewed by

George Williams MBCS CITP


10 out of 10

Twitter Marketing for DummiesErrol Brown, from Hot Chocolate, sang ‘It started with a kiss, never thought it would come to this’. The same could be said here, ‘It started with a Tweet’, and now we have social media software morphing into a bona-fide marketing tool.

Now, in commencing my review of this fascinating book, I had no previous experience of Twitter, bar a vague notion that it was simply a text messaging service used by teenagers to follow celebrities, or a way to follow emerging news events by the tech-savvy. Not so - boy, was the record set straight here!

Twitter Marketing has added a new dimension to product placement and promotion. The book guides the reader through the processes, and explains how to use the various Twitter search tools to find your target customers. The customers are out there, and on Twitter!

Kyle Lacey recommends building up a personal relationship with your Twitterati followers; setting the correct balance - between being interested in your followers (aka your potential customers) by responding in a genuine way to their tweets - and sending out a direct marketing tweet to them.

The book is absolutely jam packed full of useful Twitter marketing strategies to follow, dos and don’ts, and covers the wide range of generally free software add-ons that bolt on to Twitter, to provide dashboards, key performance indicators and all the management information you could possibly require from the product.

In the course of reviewing this book, I have tried out the tools and techniques recommended, to such an extent that I have built practical deployments for my company, my sports club and personally. I can see many potential public sector applications too, particularly in health promotion between the Primary Care Trusts and schools.

The strength of this book is that it is all about making Twitter Marketing work for you, the reader. Twitter Marketing is conveniently split as follows:

Part 1:
Discusses the future of Twitter in business
Part II:
Focuses on building and implementing your Twitter roadmap
Part III:
Devises online strategies for Twitter marketing domination
Part IV:
Considers implementing Twitter strategies for offline marketing domination
Part V:
Is the now mandatory component of all Dummies books - ‘The Part of Tens’, and extremely useful it is too.

All in all I found this book, which spans some 300 pages in total, to be thoroughly comprehensive. I guarantee that if you read this book, you will be hooked!

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Further Information: Wiley

December 2009