Cloud computing 'will dominate focus in 2010'


Cloud computing will dominate the focus of the industry in the new year, a new study has revealed.

In a survey of the chief information officers and chief technology officers of several leading companies by Logicalis, the main technology trends of 2010 were found to be Web 2.0 and Cloud computing.

The latter, which was the second most popular term mentioned by the respondents after Web 2.0, was seen as important and popular due to its flexible and scalable architecture.

Commenting on the findings, Adam Bosnian, vice president of products, strategy and sales at security management firm Cyber-Ark, said: 'Almost any size of organisation can use public or private cloud resources and enjoy significantly enhanced economies of scale.'

'Even if an organisation uses private cloud resources … where the server storage environment is effectively outsourced to the service provider - there are still economies of scale to be had.'

Virtual Desktops polled third in the survey, due to their deployment offering lower costs, an increase in security and a reduction in the time needed to manage individual desktops.