Wireless Networking Complete

Pei Zheng et al.

Published by

Morgan Kaufmann




Reviewed by

Elias Pimenidis, MBCS, CITP


10 out of 10

Wireless Networking CompleteIt is always difficult to write a complete text on a topic that continuously evolves and expands with applications that offer new solutions on almost a daily basis. This book, though, delivers exactly what the title promises. It is an excellent book, very well-structured, and written by a multitude of experts, including experienced researchers, professionals, and academics.

It covers a wide range of topics, with chapters varying from the basics of mobile wireless technologies, to mobile IP and issues relating to the security and survivability of mobile networks.

The text is clear, simple, and technically crisp, providing a thorough understanding of the topics discussed. Despite the  number of contributors, the book is edited excellently and the style is uniform, allowing the reader to focus on the contents and not be disturbed by varying styles of writing, as often happens with books with many contributing authors.

Every chapter is well supported by suitable, simple and clear diagrams that enhance the readability and clarity of the topics discussed. It is this particular feature of the book that makes it suitable for a wide readership, ranging from students to professionals and academics, as well as anyone with some basic science knowledge and a keen interest in the subject of wireless networks.

Reasonably priced for its size and quality, this book is great value for money.

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January 2010