Video Interview: Bob Gilbert

January 2010

Bob Gilbert, Chairman of Nominet spoke to BCS Managing Editor Brian Runciman about Nominet's function as a registry for the internet, about regulation of the web and ISPs, the legislative landscape and the Nominet Trust.

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    Geoffrey Darnton wrote on 27th Jan 2010

    I think it is outrageous that Nominet refuses to issue domain names with the .gb cld. It would be interesting for someone to disclose the politics behind Nominet refusing to use that allocated cld and insisting on .uk. I think even ICANN were confused at intransigence here.

    I know it's a refusal because once I tried insisting on a .gb domain name - it was refused - and I still want it! Maybe if a lot more people prod this, we could get to .gb and not just have to use .uk.

    Also, I have found that using nominet can be a lot more cumbersome than simply selecting a tld.

    But, in the UK we do often have extra layers of bureaucracy that do not exist elsewhere!

    I do not consider the matter of .uk vs .gb to be a very good example of self-regulation! It there was proper self-regulation I could have the .gb if I want it - without centralized interference from an organization such as nominet. Therefore I am not convinced about the statement that nominet does not regulate.

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    Dr David Wade wrote on 27th Jan 2010

    Nominet have been one of the biggest blocks to business that the UK IT industry has to suffer. All-too-often they have layers upon layers of bureaucracy that cause needless problems for end users and other registrars alike. Nominet effectively hold all domains and their like to ransom leaving the domain owners to jump to their tune whilst they try to run their own businesses. It is high time that Nominet hired people who know what they are doing in IT rather than being the politically inept bunch of pencil-pushers that they appear to be to the rest of us.

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    Martin Gregorie wrote on 27th Jan 2010

    Nominet would serve us better by refusing to register domains when the registrant's business and servers are located outside the UK. If a customer buys something from a website with a domain its reasonable to expect that the business is located in the UK and that British mail order sales regulations apply to it. Any other arrangement is just an invitation to scammers.

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    The Best A2 ICT Class wrote on 2nd Feb 2010

    We love you Bob Gilbert

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    anon wrote on 8th Feb 2010

    Wow, the chairman sums up nominent perfectly.

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    Chris wrote on 31st Oct 2011

    Nominet is a complete waste of space. Endless beaurocracy, pointless procedures and inappropriate charges to end users. Despite claiming to value input from tag holders, all suggestions and criticisms of their policies fall on deaf ears.

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