Security assessed from the cradle to the grave

14 March 2006

Face being scanned for security access From firewall rules to software design, the many facets of information security will be discussed at the BCS-Information Security Specialist Group (ISSG) annual conference in Oxfordshire on 30 March.

This year's programme covers the seven ages of information security with a presentation dedicated to each. Age one will be on scope and risk assessment and the necessity to set correct boundaries to a system to ensure InfoSec risks are properly understood. The final stage will be on disposal aspects, including practical advice.

There will also be three keynote presentations: a representative of National Infrastructure Security Coordination Centre (NISCC) will give a lecture entitled from the cradle to the grave; Phil Cracknell from netSurity will talk about turning theory into practice; and Alan Stockey from JPMorgan Chase will tell delegates about the finance sector’s approach to InfoSec in its projects and throughout the lifecycle of financial products and their associated systems and processes. 

The BCS-ISSG's Annual Dinner will be held on the Thursday evening at the Milton Hill venue where Professor Richard Walton will be the after dinner speaker.