Neurosonics reinvented for virtual performance


Chris Cairns' Neurosonics film has been given a new lease of life as a virtual concert featuring a series of dismembered heads.

Cairns has teamed up with drummer Will Clarke and turntablist JFB to transform the film into a live musical performance, with the virtual heads seemingly mounted on to a variety of musical instruments, reported.

Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs, the original film, was completed last year and stars three scientists securing different heads on to drums and turntables before using them as if they are real instruments.

While the film used plenty of computer-generated effects, the live performance has had to rely on the help of holographic experts Musion, which uses Eyeliner projection technology.

This allows holograms to be generated next to real people, with a high-definition video projector shining moving images onto a reflective surface.

These bounce up on to an almost transparent foil spread across the stage, which allows audience members to see the illusion of depth.

Cairns emerged in 2005 when he produced a Daft Punk-inspired video for LCD Soundsystem.